At DK Thermal we know the importance of UK manufacture, but we also value the advantages that come from Far East supply. With manufacturing facilities in the UK, as well as Asia, we can offer a range of solutions, all whilst keeping the same level of service and quality that has come to be expected from DK Thermal. From small quantity prototyping to fully tooled volume manufacture, DK Thermal has the key.

We hold large stocks of key brand materials in both facilities, enabling us to supply the best material match for your application and supply you with finished circuits in fast production times. In addition to this, we hold UL approval on a range of materials, and provide certificates of conformity with every order to guarantee the build of your product.

Unlike most UK PCB suppliers, our facility in Asia is owned, and managed by us. We have a professional local team consisting of staff from HK, Taiwan and China speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean. We have offices located in HK, Shenzhen and Dong Guan to provide flexible local support to customers in Asia on both technical issues and daily customer service.

We are continuously sourcing laminate materials available in market. Building relationships with laminate manufactures from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other brand agents to make sure we can provide you a variety of material solutions.

UK factory management is performing professional training to our local manufacturing workforce to duplicate high efficiency output throughout the Asian plants. This ensures a seamless transition from low to high volumes.